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Many years ago I discovered that I was not very happy with the preconceived future my parents had hoped would be mine. To their credit they did all they could to set me on "The Right" road. School was rewarding if I didn't have to take tests or attend class regularly.   During my 5th year at NIU I discovered myself headed along "The Left" road.

            So without much thought, when I was loose from that noose, I became immersed in fine and applied woodworking.

       Back in the big city of Chicago I spent six years as a professional gun stock carver. Working with the largest gunsmith shop in Northern Illinois, I increased my department's staff from one to four.  I later moved on to be an independent woodworker producing: business signs, custom electric guitars, antique restorations, small sales models, and "if you need it, we can do it" projects.

          Coming to McHenry Co., IL in the 1980’s I became a professional wooden decoy carver with T.J. Hooker and his Swan Quarter Carving Co.  Working with a large group of like minded carvers and painters was one of the most rewarding periods of my working life. Together we were one of Ducks Unlimited's major decoy suppliers placing our wood carvings in thousands of homes each year.  Over the years I still have maintained my bird carving interests, but the allure of "transformational" wood work is so much more enriching now that bird carving is "somewhere in the rear view mirror” of my current interests. 

       As is often the case with happiness, there comes a family, a home, and increased responsibilities.  For several decades custom home construction, remodeling, and commercial wood refinishing have been a more stable and financially dependable career choice. Patiently waiting, Wood Works has been in the back seat this whole time. The first transformed piece was carved at least 30 years ago. But "the Scatterlings" are growing restless. The kids are grown and in comfortable spaces, the mortgage and car payments are long gone, and the time has come to brighten the spark that drives the fires of the imagination.

        I am learning, after 50+ years, that the first step is opening access to the possibilities.  With the help of others, the Internet, devoted time, unique material, inspired carving, and positive thoughts, I am trying to reach as many people as will welcome the opportunity to share these "Visions of Creation".  Enjoy the ride!  T.S. Farr



  As I am very proud of each of piece, they all are marked with a hand cast, silver medallion bearing our logo and the artists initials. 


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