Scatterlings of Creation

     Each of these pieces have been collected in the wild, freed from pests, tested for weaknesses and created with respect to those concerned. None of them are perfect but they will never be duplicated. Scatterlings of Creation, with distant Visions here entwined, springing forth from the fertile Elements of Nature, Hand and Mind. 

     Their journeys to this conjunction in time and place are as different as they are the same. They have all “spoken” in a way that wallflowers might. “I am common, I am waiting. I can be much more. Pick me!” From dry gulches in Arizona, firewood from Wisconsin, and nature trails of McHenry Co., they appear here for your appreciation. “They have come to dance!”

     I like to think that these wood carvings synthesize the order and precision of sculpture with the mystery and wonder of Nature. I imagine we are in the right place, to help obscure the boundaries between Art and Creation itself. Look past the dirt and tangle of the forest, see the tree and make a difference. 

     We are the created and the Creator. It is pure joy to stand between the two, guiding the attention of others towards the sharing of a journey. The journey from a lush, secluded valley to a living space, from forgotten brush heaps to a bookcase, from a tumbling water side to a fire’s quiet side. Let the barriers dissolve into the aspirations of the future. 

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