There is more to forest than meets the eyes. 

Eye level, short or tall, we find barks, flowers, mosses, browns

To greens, multitudes of textures and hues. 

Och! Tripping stones, poison ivy, and passions fruit. 

Higher- The wind moves more than mountains. 

Lower- Subterranean growth and death, worms and wobegones. 

But that is just the now and near. 

What of the curious forest fellows past or future be?

Imagine a Quickening, a run, heart beats, leaps! Backwards? Forwards?

There in the mist, strides "The Beast", eyes open, claws ready,

Hunger with legs, dashing across the forest's floor. 

Walkers be aware!


Dimensions:  12"W, 9"D, 14"H

Pieces of Wood:  4 pieces of maple root 

Base:  Slate

Gathered: Devil's Lake State Park, WI

Sold for: $420