Here at Wood Works we have been collecting art worthy pieces for years, some small enough to sit in the palm of a child's hand, others might not fit in the kitchen oven.

           I am currently working on two more projects in the Zodiac Series, Aries and Aquarius. There are more, miscellaneous mount worthy projects, awaiting attention; a Madonna, a squid walking stick, spinning dust demons, and one that seems to want to become a form of Luke Skywalker's fighter jet that was brought back from Rhode Island's ocean shore.

          The point being made, is that there are thousands of attention worthy wooden objects out in the world, waiting to be revealed and presented for enjoyment.

           If you have one of your own that seems to speak to you, do not hesitate to send us pictures, your ideas and a reasonable price range.  I'll look at what you have and let you know what may or may not be feasible.

           As we have discovered, overall wood quality, possible mounting options, and shipping, become challenging issues. I have a variety of, modestly priced, stone and granite to choose from if you desire.

                   Feel free to dream of the possibilities!

                                                                                        T.S. Farr