Mask of Many Faces

  How many faces do we conceal? 

Three, four, and several more.

Twisted alien dreams, crazy eyes and an elephant’s nose. 

Dropped feathers of passing birds,

Squirrel’s teeth signed cow’s bones,

They rattle with a touch. 

Gifted porcupine quills from a well-traveled child. 

Freed from the Earth of it’s conception

Light filling fissures finding faces that here reveal.

Testimony to our life’s arranging wheel.


Dimensions:  24"W, 6"D, 24"H

Pieces of Wood: 1 piece of Honeysuckle bush stump with molting

Furry Friends: African porcupine quill, squirrel marked bone and horsehair. 

Base: Wall Hanging 

Gathered: Downtown Crystal Lake, IL